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Apinya Thai Chili Sauce packaging

Posted by rod - 27.11.2012

Chili SauceApinya Thai Chili SauceApinya Thai Chili SauceApinya Thai Chili Sauce

The Thai Chili Sauce is Apinya signature hot sauce inspired by the flavors of Thailand and made with fresh Thai chilies, roasted red peppers, garlic, and ginger.

The creative team designed the overall brand based on extensive research of Thai cultural design elements and existing Thai food packaging. The brief required that the product be quickly visually recognisable  include references to Thai culture, and focus on details to convey a high-quality product. The label artwork was custom illustrated to reflect a “maximal” aesthetic of Thai design while staying visually balanced.

The octopus character is unique, eye-catching, and real octopus pairs well with the hot sauce itself. A clear label was used to actively exploit the texture and bright color of the sauce as part of the design. The octopus’s tentacles showcase the main ingredients and he even has a mouth full of the sauce if you look closely.

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You know, if I can buy this sauce in Europe?

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