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Indus Pride – Spicy Beer from India

Posted by rod - 01.10.2012

Indus Pride - Indian spicy beer packaging designIndus Pride - Indian spicy beer logoIndus Pride - Indian spicy beer packaging design

India is an alluring picture of diversity and that variety is an essential ingredient of the Indian social fabric. It is seen in our enchanting peoples, enthralling cultures, colourful festivals, the many religions, and in the vast, varying landscapes; not to mention the spectrum of cuisines.

Sabmiller made the Indus Pride beer with authentic Indian spices and herbs. And they did not do it the easy way by adding synthetics, their beers is brewed with botanicals, the real thing and their quartet – Citrusy Coriander, Citrusy Cardamom, Spicy Fennel and Fiery Cinnamon capture the diversity.

The Indian Royal elephant is Indus Pride’s mascot. As a construct, the elephant changes ornamentation and color depending on the nature of the variants, warm colors for spicy variants and cooler colors for the lighter, mildly spiced variants. The Elephant is housed in a dome, inspired by the medieval Indian architecture (Moghul / Rajputana style), a very strong Indian symbol. A unique beer needed a unique bottle, inspired by the Indian Chai glass, the bottles has inward dimples (scoops) that lend it with subtlety and finesse

The packaging and label was designed by Bangalore, India based design agency Foley Designs

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