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Travel Posters for Popaganda

Posted by rod - 14.09.2012

Japan Travel Posters for PopagandaGreece Travel Posters for PopagandaFrance Travel Posters for PopagandaChina Travel Posters for PopagandaBrasil Travel Posters for PopagandaTurkey Travel Posters for Popaganda Thailand Travel Posters for Popaganda

Hermés commissioned the DoodleRoom to create a series of travel posters for – The Gift of Time Exhibition. The series of vintage travel posters feature a frozen confectionery brand called Popaganda that was inspired by various countries and their associated flavour. For example America‘s popsicle flavour is Apple Pie and Thailand’s flavour is Lemongrass Young Coconut. The other countries flavours are Brazil (pineapple), France (Peach Melba), Greece (Spicy Orange), Turkey (Lemon Olive Oil), Japan (Matcha Mango) and China (Lychee Jasmine).

via theinspirationroom

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meh. these don’t do anything for me.

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