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Nestle 100 years – Vietnam

Posted by rod - 07.09.2012

Nestle 100 years - Vietnam animationNestle 100 years - Vietnam animation

Nestle has become 100 years old in Vietnam and celebrates this occasion with this lovely illustrated animation. The animation features different views of Vietnam, from the paddy fields to the big city and its people who use Nestles products. I especially enjoy the opening sequence of the boy playing his flute on the waterbuffalo.

Agency: Publicis Vietnam.
Director: Manolo Camino
Production: Whiteline Studio
Illustrators: Denis Bodnar, Inocuo, Germán Tejerina, Juana González, Wojciech Magierski
Animation: Tomás Gutiérrez, Asís Merino, Ximo Ferrer, Jesús Gutiérrez, David Velasco, Alberto Bernal, Benjamín Velasco
Modelado: Diego Moya, Antonio Mendoza
Texturizado y rig: Antonio Mendoza
Vfx: Carlos Acebedo, Antonio Barranco
Postproduction: Benjamín Velasco, Glennford Brathwaite, Alberto Bernal
Music: Trafalgar 13

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