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Kagua beer label

Posted by rod - 28.09.2012

kagua beer label designkagua beer label designkagua beer label designkagua beer label design

KAGUA’s art director is a young and energetic artist working in Japan and internationally. His main aim is to create a very simple and well-honed image, while also reflecting Japan’s gentle and meditative nature. Connecting to its guaranteed quality, KAGUA’s logo is inspired by a traditional seal, which Japanese have been using as signatures for centuries.

To showcase KAGUA in the global marketplace, he uses two traditional colors: “akane-iro” (Japanese madder, or deep red) and “gofun-iro” (Japanese ultra-light yellow).

The distinctive bottle and label design, showing simplicity and humbleness that complements any cuisine, is one of KAGUA’s most fundamental values.” via ohbeautifulbeer

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