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Zarbanis distillery Ouzo

Posted by rod - 10.08.2012

Zarbanis distillery ouzo greece

Greek church for Zarbanis distillery ouzo

Ouzo is uniquely Greek and its most popular alcoholic drink. It has been around for many hundred years and has a profound culture and history. The Geek government thinks it is so unique that it won the exclusive rights to use the product name ouzo.

Athens design agency Mousegraphics designed the label for Zarbanis distillery who were inspired by typical greek colours and architecture.

“The briefing (in brief): “i want to sell my ouzo. I need a label. It is a new entry and i want to use my name on it”. The target audience: people that drink alcohol and have a taste for ouzo. Greeks and tourists. The design: we used three interlocking elements in the package design: the name, the provenance, the essence. Ouzo (a spirit variant widely recognized by locals and foreigners) connected with the producer through a stressed Z letter (several heroic connotations here). An equally recognizable white-blue island church speaks of all beautiful things Greek. A transparent glass allows the transparent spirit to add a sense of lightness and purity in the mix. This is folklore with none of the hyperboles usually related to it.”

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