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Rebranding Fiji Airways

Posted by rod - 23.08.2012

 Rebranding Fiji AirwaysRebranding Fiji Airways1 Rebranding Fiji AirwaysRebranding Fiji Airways Rebranding Fiji Airways Rebranding Fiji Airways Rebranding Fiji Airways Rebranding Fiji Airways Rebranding Fiji Airways Rebranding Fiji Airways

Everyone dreams of visiting Fiji, renowned for its white sandy beaches filled with coconut trees. What is less known about this beautiful island is the Fijian art, culture and history. The new brand identity of Fiji Airways incorporates all these elements. The coconut brown logo features Fijian traditional Masi art that tells the story of Fiji. Although the logo tends more towards the arty aspect of the nation than the average corporate airline identity, I think that Fiji Airways have gone for the right direction which in turn contributes to strengthen the identity of Fiji.



“A truly authentic brandmark and logo was commissioned to honour the airline’s proud past whilst celebrating its bright future.

Designed by a local artist, the new ‘Fiji Airways’ brandmark and logo originates from traditional Fijian Masi – a highly respected ancient art form that is woven into the very fabric of Fiji. It embodies the spirit of the nation; it is something pure and hand-made that truly reflects the Fijian people, their culture, and the airline’s transformation.

To create this distinctively Fijian brandmark, the airline engaged celebrated local Fijian Masi artist Makereta Matemosi to create a unique Masi symbol for ‘Fiji Airways’. The new Masi symbol features a series of specially designed motifs that carry individual meanings about the people of Fiji, their relationship with the stunning natural beauty of their islands and the country’s national airline. All the motifs in the new symbol build towards the core of the Masi which features the largest and most important motif – called the Teteva.

The Teteva is the centrepiece of our Masi, and this Teteva will be the symbol which will represent Fiji and ‘Fiji Airways’ around the world. Created by Makereta, the big circle has four crosses at four corners which indicate interconnection, just as ‘Fiji Airways’ connects people to the Fiji Islands. The inner circle reflects the spiritual values of the Fijian people – denoting the culture of caring and looking after each other as a community, just as the airline cares about its nation and strives to improve the quality of life for its people. The middle section of the Masi with sixteen petal shapes reflects people working hand-in-hand to create a stronger nation, just as the men and women of Fiji Airways work as a team to create a stronger airline.”

You can read about the rest of the press release here.

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