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Norwegian tail design

Posted by rod - 09.08.2012

Norwegian tail design Roald AmundsenNorwegian tail design bjornsonNorwegian tail design Sigrid undsetNorwegian tail design Gidsken JakobsenNorwegian tail design henieNorwegian tail design heyerdahlNorwegian tail design ibsenNorwegian tail design ingstadNorwegian tail design sverdrupNorwegian tail design nansen

I have been flying with Norwegian on quite a few trips around europe but it never crossed my mind to create a post on their tail designs until now. Norwegian low cost airline Norwegian is cherishing national heros by placing them onto the tail of their fleet. Amongst the people featured are Polar explorer Roald Amundsen, Playwrighter Henrik Ibsen, Literature Nobel Prize winner Sigrid Undset and many more. Norwegian is also representing famous people of their neighboring countries Sweden and Denmark on their tail. You can check them all out her.

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