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Inspired by - DR of the Congo


Posted by rod - 21.08.2012

Chukudu ChukuduChukudu 11 ChukuduChukudu1 ChukuduChukudu2 ChukuduChukudu3 ChukuduChukudu4 ChukuduChukudu5 ChukuduChukudu6 ChukuduChukudu7 ChukuduChukudu8 ChukuduChukudu10 ChukuduChukudu9 Chukudu

The chukudu is an invention from the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo and is basically an oversized wooden scooter that goes Chu-ku-du, chu-ku-du, chu-ku-du. This funny looking traditional contraptions is manly used for transporting goods and people around.

New York based photographer Abby Ross captured these amazing photos of the people and their chukudu’s. The Washington Post has a great article if you want to read more about them.

via africandigitalart


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