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Absolut Mexico

Posted by rod - 31.08.2012

 Absolut Mexico

balam Absolut Mexico design Absolut Mexico

The jaguar, an invincible warrior that illuminated the Earth during the day and fought in the underworld at night.

huracan Absolut Mexico design Absolut Mexico

God wind, storm and fire. Mayan word that has been adopted in most modern languages.

serpiente Absolut Mexico design Absolut Mexico

The Feathered Serpent, conqueror and founder of the Mayan civilization.

 Absolut Mexico Absolut Mexico Absolut MexicoAbsolut Mexico design6 Absolut Mexico Absolut MexicoAbsolut Mexico design4 Absolut Mexico

In my opinion the Absolut Mexico limited edition packaging design is one of the best “Absolut Vodka” has done. In this bottle, Mexican artist Dr. Lakra pays tribute to Mexico, representing three of the most important elements of the legendary Mayan culture:

The three elements Dr. Lakra illustrated for the packaging design are:
Balam (The Jaguar), Kukulkan (The feathered Serpent) and Hurakan (Good wind, worm and fire)

I recommend you to check out the in the making video and the Absolut Mexico website.

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  • From: Andy Lemmers
  • Nov 29, 2012

Nice art, would like to see more countries coming!

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