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Ajiri Tea – Kenyan black tea

Posted by rod - 31.07.2012

Kenyan black tea Ajiri Tea packaging designKenyan black tea Ajiri Tea packaging design

Seeing these lovely Kenyan designed tea packaging by Ajiri Tea make me smile. Each box features a unique label which is handmade using dried bark from banana trees. The unique label designs feature Kenyan village environments that reflect the people who are working at Ajiri Tea. These Masai inspired postcard designs have similarities, and worth a look at.

The Tea is an award-winning Kenyan black tea, grown and handpicked by small-scale farmers in western Kenya. 100% of the profits are used to pay school fees for orphans and Ajiri is currently sponsors 19 students in school. The word Ajiri means “to employ” in Swahili. If you want to support Ajiri you can buy their tea in about 350 stores throughout the US, Canada and Australia.

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