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Al-Kafiye, a story of design and identity

Posted by rod - 11.06.2012

keffiyeh or also called Kafiye is a new project by Kaflab foundationkeffiyeh or also called Kafiye is a new project by Kaflab foundationkeffiyeh or also called Kafiye is a new project by Kaflab foundation

Hala A.Malak and Tarek Atrissi recently launched their latest initiative the KAFLAB Foundation. The aim is to create a platform which dedicates to re-define the Arab identity though design. Starting from the initial question of ‘What Arab is’, Kaflab looks to analyze the elements, symbols and icons that truly define this rich culture.

Their first project is dedicated to the Kafiye

“The Kafiye is the strongest symbol to come out of the Arab contemporary world. The story of this powerful symbol, accessory and design detail has played many parts in diverse phases and keeps adapting with globalization and time. Treading the realms of street, politics, revolution, traditional garb, trends and catwalks, this object has transcended form and various functions to become more than just a simple item, but an experience even. The core article still exists in a relatively constant variant and yet numerous distortions have popped up simultaneously. What does this all mean? How can we use this to our advantage as Arabs especially in light of all recent events?”

Check out how Nike incorporated the Kafiye pattern into their Nike Jackets.

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  • Oct 27, 2015

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