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Digital map of Tokyo for the Tokyo Skytree

Posted by rod - 14.06.2012

Digital map of Tokyo for the tokyo skytreeDigital map of Tokyo by Team LabDigital map of Tokyo by Team LabDigital map of Tokyo by Team LabDigital map of Tokyo by Team Lab

On the 22nd of May the Tokyo Skytree opened its doors making it Japans highest structure. The innovative guys from Team Lab designed a digital map (mural) of Tokyo which was exhibited at the Skytree.

“Tokyo has no particular hero or heroines. Each one of us and our stories are creating the excitement of Tokyo. In Japanese art, there are works that includes vast amount of information without center, but with flat viewpoint that focusing on everything even stories of people. For example, Rakuchu Rakugai-zu( Scenes In and Around Kyoto) and Edo-zu Byobu(Edo Scenes Folding Screen)

We draw Tokyo as a flat, no-center city with full of information in details, by restructuring the means of drawing for Ukiyoe(Color print of everyday life in Edo Period) and other print works, that are famous in Edo period, with current technology.

In Tokyo, it becomes harder to distinguish things that physically exist from virtual things that are created and existing in Manga(comics) and animations.

If we take a look at the traditional Japanese art work called Hyakkiyakou(Night Parade of One Hundred Demons), it is predictable that may be Japan was originally the country with such environment(mix real things and virtual things) in earlier age.Thank to appearance of internet, people’s imagination explodes and it started to overflow into Tokyo, and finally started to change the reality.

Evolution of technology can also evolve the progress of human beings. Based on this conviction, this is an art work drawing a city changing from Edo to Tokyo, and to the future, with large amount of information that beyond the limits of human being.”


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