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Albert Kahn – Mongolia photos

Posted by rod - 07.06.2012

Albert Kahn Two Buryat riders in TroitskosavskeAlbert Kahn Two Cossack soldiers in Urga MongoliaAlbert Kahn Triumphal Gates of the Yellow Palace in Urga MongoliaAlbert Kahn Temple in Urga MongoliaAlbert Kahn Stupas in a monastic block Gandan in Urga MongoliaAlbert Kahn Street in Urga MongoliaAlbert Kahn Mongolian yurtas MongoliaAlbert Kahn Mongolian capital Urga Mongolia Albert Kahn Married woman in Urga MongoliaAlbert Kahn Lamas at the Yellow Palace MongoliaAlbert Kahn Lama MongoliaAlbert Kahn Carriage of Stefan Passe between Kykhta and Urga MongoliaAlbert Kahn Badamdorj in vicinity of the Yellow Palace Urga Mongolia Albert Kahn A Mongolian woman sentenced to starvation death MongoliaAlbert Kahn A hunter in vicinity of Urga Mongolia

If you have been following CreativeRoots since 2009 you may still remember the book “The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn“. These incredible photos from 1913 depict the life in Mongolia back in 1913 and are from the same Albert Kahn collection.

Finished here? Then have a look at these.

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OMG, excellent pictures..
Here are some from “modern” Mongolia:

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