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The world of Coca Cola

Posted by rod - 03.05.2012

The world of Coca Cola logosThe world of Coca Cola bottles

The world of Coca Cola is huge and it is always interesting to see big corporations such as Coke promoting their product in other countries. Not only do they sell their products abroad, but the design on the products change according to the country.

In the case of Coca Cola, they decided to design different Coca Cola logos with the appropriate writing system of the country. Some of the logos work better than others such as the Thai or the Russian. They kept the recognizable swoosh in the logo. The Taiwanese, Korean, Sri Lankan or Ethiopian Coca Cola logos are not recognizable anymore as being Coke. Beer giant Carlsberg took the same approach as Coke and designed a bunch of country inspired Carlsberg logos.

Which of the Coke logos do you like best?

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