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New Haiti tourism logo

Posted by rod - 29.05.2012

haiti tourism logo

The slogan on the above image is wrong! But it was the best logo version I could find.

haiti tourism logo

The Caribbean island of Haiti chose its new logo and slogan from a competition which was launched March, 2012. Haitian graphic design Xavier Delatour was the lucky winner. 

The new Haiti logo was mainly inspired by the Hibiscus or also know as the Choublak flower, which Xavier took full use of and incorporated the words Haiti into the flowers stigma (unofficially the Hibiscus is the national flower of Haiti). The sun was also incorporated into the design which plays well with the dots of the ï and i. It also is a symbol for life, warmth and fun, which hopefully attracts the tourists back into a country that many of us got to know after the earthquake in January 2010.

The new slogan is called “experience it!” which hopefully lots of us will do.

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