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All Blacks New Zealand packaging

Posted by rod - 23.04.2012

All Blacks New Zealand packagingAll Blacks New Zealand packagingAll Blacks New Zealand packagingAll Blacks New Zealand packagingAll Blacks New Zealand packagingAll Blacks New Zealand packaging

In 2011 The New Zealand All Blacks rugby team won the World cup, congratulations. Because of their great achievement Adidas asked The Art Box Collection to develop a present for the All Blacks players and 40 partners.

70 personalized and individual boxes inspired by New Zealand‘s Maori art were created by Alex Sun, Richard Langg and Max Kuehne, together with New Zealand’s mako-artist Rangi Kipa who laser etched Maori Moko designs into the unique cherrywood box. The doors can be pushed open into 4 directions and generate 4 different mokos. Inside the box, personalized Sennheiser headphones and an individualised book are found – each covered with the original material of the famous black jersey. The rest of the book tells the story of a 12-year long partnership – building on Pride, Passion and Partnership.

Paperlux, Theartboxcollection

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It’s a plueasre to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

tracey · Hi Camila – Yep, that sounds like me. I definitely have those moments where I’ll obsess over something … my weaknesses tend to be stationery, books and kitchen bits and bobs. I think it’s totally normal to indulge and splurge from time to time … it’s wonderful to take pleasure in the things that bring us joy.

Of course, the “good” archbishop will conduct, or allow one of his subordinates to conduct, any funeral services for kids who can’t handle the “loving truth” that surrounds them. For a fee. Or maybe not, do he and his ilk allow funerals for gay kids who kill themselves?

j’aimerai informer nos amis français que la situation est calme dans la totalité du pays et que les établissements et les sociétés ont repris leur activité, cependant vous serais les bien venu parmi nous pour voir les résultats de révolution de la dignité à bien tôt.

dit :J’avais déjà lu un ptit truc chez la méchante, mais là le coup du choco et du plaid me donne carrément envie de l’acheter hihi ^^ Ah, je savais bien qu’avec une plaquette ça parlerait à un max de monde

Hoi,hoi,!!Zoals beloofd eens even julie site bekeken!! Wauw,wauw, wat leuk. Tof die stoeten zo.Ik kon niet aanwezig zijn,maar zou wel in stemming komen acher mijn pc-tje,hihihi. Was super leuk jullie nog eens terug te zien bij ons!Doe zo verder Ropianen!! Jullie hebben er een fan bij!Liefs, Sabrina (sevenseas)

Har i øvrigt kun gode ting at sige til Rønsbøl Repair Creme, som vist ka’ lidt mere end fx Rønsbøl Day Cream og ditto Night Cream. Jeg fandt den i Føtex til 79,-, sÃ¥ jeg forsynede mig, forstÃ¥s. Jeg skal ikke kunne sige om det gælder alle i Føtex’er, men det er da værd at kigge i sin lokale.

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