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Rein beer packaging design

Posted by rod - 01.03.2012

Rein beer packaging designRein beer, Norwegian packaging designRein beer Norwegian packaging design

The Rein beer is a beer which I would love to see in the shops. The Norwegian red colour just pops out, enhancing the beer’s shelf impact amongst the shades of a more traditional beer environment. Apart from the red colour, which is present in the national flag, on most barns and old fishermen cabins, Norway is also well-known for the reindeer as one of the national animals. A black illustration of a reindeer is featured on the packaging design, enriching the origin of the beer and differentiating itself from its competitors. A white colour was chosen for the logo, symbol and type, which again stands out from the red background colour.

The Rein beer packaging concept was created by Vladimir Pospelov and was a personal project of his. Thanks to Melissa from ideastosteal for the tip.

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Love the colors!

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