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La Boca wine

Posted by rod - 07.03.2012

 La Boca wineLa Boca wine1 La Boca wineLa Boca wine2 La Boca wine La Boca wine La Boca wine La Boca wine

Photo by Ester Inbar (wikipedia)

Argentina has some of the best wines in the world, and La Boca could be one of the most colourful neighborhoods in the world. Combining the two will give you the La Boca wine. Designed by Argentinean graphic designer and branding expert Guillo Milia.

This is how La Boca wine describes the area and wine:
“La Boca neighborhood is one of the most picturesque places in Buenos Aires due to its colorful port setting. The so-called “la piccola Italia” (little Italy) reflects the European influence, mainly southern Italian, who arrived to the port of Buenos Aires between 1860 and 1910. At the time, they used the paint left over from ships to cover the walls of their houses. La Boca is an icon of Argentinean identity, with a strong international transcendence in several aspects: historically, culturally, and artistically (Home of Tango). For this reason, it was chosen as a resource of visual communication to express the essence of our young, fruity and un-oaked wines.” via soydg

In the “Colours of Buenos Aires” post you will be able to see some more photos of the area.

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