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Pagoda food packaging

Posted by rod - 23.02.2012

Chinese pagoda food packagingChinese pagoda food packagingChinese pagoda food packagingChinese pagoda food packagingChinese pagoda food packagingChinese pagoda food packaging

Most take-away food containers are more practical than aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In addition, the packaging often don’t reflect the cultural origins and the possible quality of the product which is carried around. German design büro Jo’s-buero and Conrad Gerlach wanted to reflect these cultural values and thus developed a Chinese food packaging.

The two were inspired by traditional Asian architecture and created a multi-storey box resembling a Pagoda building, which is especially common in China. Up to six boxes can be stacked up with this carrying system, making it easy to separate the different dishes so that eg. the vegetables don’t mix with the rice, fish or meat.

Each box is folded so that it doesn’t require glue, staples or other extra elements to hold it together. As soon as the lid of the box comes off the bottom part unfolds into a bowl. The bottom part is coated with a special wax so that any sauces or oils won’t leak through the paper. The chopsticks that come with the meal serve as a handle for the Pagoda when carried. Not only does the the Pagoda packaging look good but it is also made of 100% recyclable material. The packaging design is similar to another posts which I wrote about on Eco-Friendly Chinese Take-away packaging which is wroth a look at.

 What do you think about the design?

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