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Proposal for a new Australian Flag

Posted by rod - 24.01.2012

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Russell Kennedy designed a proposal for a new Australia Flag which he hops will replace the current Australian Flag by the year 2020. Not only did he design the new national flag but he also thought of the wider use, such as representing unity thought the design and diversity thought colour.

Russell says that: “Australians should respect the current flag whether we like its colonial design or not. It has served the country well over the years through both time of adversity and triumph, however it has become clear that as a nation we have outgrown it. Australian has reached a point in time where a change is not only necessary but also long overdue.”

A blue Kangarroo is the main distinctive feature on the Advance Australia National Flag and is one of Australia’s most recoginsable symbols. The yellow area represents the sun and is a link to the Aboriginal Flag. One particular feature was taken over from the current flag and that is the Southern hemisphere symbol of the Southern Cross which are the 5 white stars on the blue area.

Dr. Denis Whitehouse says that: “Instantly recognisable as Australian, this flag has the potential to present a positive and distinctive image internationally and nationally. Open to multiple applications by different interest groups, it is a flag that speaks of the power of the rich diversity and questioning that constitutes Australian culture.”

As you can see above, different colours can be applied to the flag to represent different organisations and state territories. One important part of this new design is the advance Australia reconciliation ensign which shares the design of the Advance Australia National Flag but features the colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag (red, black, yellow), which was designed by Harold Thomas in 1972.

 What do you think, should Australia change their national flag?

For more information visit the new australia flag website.

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26 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Forte Rein
  • Jan 05, 2013

Im an American and have always wondered why all former colonies of controlwealth haven’t fully cast their own true identity. Great flag design, truly just Australian!

  • From: Carrera
  • Jan 25, 2013

Great Flag, I’m British and agree that it’s the right time to change the flag. Lived in SA for some time and truly one of the things i most admired about Aussie’s was their own Identity. Genuinely the only thing thats even remotely British is the Union Flag on Australian Flag and the Queen on a few coins. Other than that you wouldn’t know.

And to the American above i’m sure you meant Commonwealth and not Controlwealth….Otherwise i have just one name for you….Hawaii.

[…] In terms of overall layout my personal favourite from the collection above is Russell Kennedy’s Reconciliation Flag (1997). In fact Russel has further developed the design to alternative flags (including State flags) and can be viewed at Creative Roots. […]

  • From: Huey
  • Jan 26, 2013

Why is there a Parasaurolophus dinosaur on the flag?

A map of Australia on a flag would represent us better than anything else. It’s about as simple as Canada’s sublime flag, and not many countries have geography that could be used this way.

  • From: mark
  • Jan 27, 2013

great flag design… it would have to be red black and yellow in respect to the aboriginal community, and so they can also embrace the concept

  • From: Richard
  • Jan 31, 2013

The Federation Star Needs to be included , otherwise it’s the best to date.

Whatever we choose as our colors we will hold dear and respect each other. Like my clans shields they are the symbols that tell others who I am and where I come from.

  • From: john
  • Jan 27, 2014

we have to have our own identity. The is flag is great I like the blue……From this base I will try to design some think with more powerful ……….we are a great nation and we deserve a flag which represent all Australians
and certainly not a colony of England.

  • From: Alex
  • Jan 31, 2014

Long over due to have a new flag. Tired of “lhat is the flag we fought under” so was the Ureka flag at the ureka stockade. Only country i know that has a red white and blue flag and a green and gold olympic uniform just stupid. NZ is about to look at changing there flag so its time for Aus to do the same. Throw out the red white and blue, find somethng that incorporates the aboriginal colours and then change uniforms to the same colours. Some stupid ideas out there but a few good ideas. Stay away from things that look like the South African Flag so many trying to use that idea just causes the same confusion as now with AUs confused with NZ. Smart, Simple and distinctive. Lets have a referendum and lets have a choice of what we would like at the same time. LETS GET ON WITH IT AND STOP JUST TALKING ABOUT IT.

I like the idea of using the colours of the Aboriginal flag, but the arrangement in the “reconciliation” design is too reminiscent of the Papua New Guinea flag. The original design of the Advance Australia flag is quite striking and doesn’t seem tied to “righting past wrongs”, but has a feeling of a “fresh start”, and also does not look like any other flag.

Why should the new flag represent the Aborigines? The new flag should represent all of the Australians, old and new. And the only colours that are truly Australian are green and gold. So I support the green and gold design.

  • From: Kylie
  • Mar 17, 2014

Victoria, I think he’s suggesting using all of them for different purposes. The blue and yellow as the national flag, the black and red as the reconciliation flag, and the green and gold as the sports flag.

We’ve said it before ( and we’ll say it again… out of all the alternative designs we have seen on various websites, this one is the best thought out design solutions. With a variety of implementation applications suggested this could actually work.

  • From: Dave
  • May 12, 2014

Finally a new Aussie flag design that’s worth voting for. Let’s do it!

  • From: James
  • Jan 20, 2015

As a British man who has lived in Australia for a year, I love the new design! I think that Australians need a new flag. You are your own country and if you don’t want the Union Jack within your flag, then why should you? This is probably the best so far.

  • From: Graeme
  • Jan 26, 2015

I love the design of the flag, but would hope the “roo” is more distinctive and possibly the outline of the roo could be a strip of black and a strip of red which, against the yellow, would then add an Aboriginal flavour to it.

  • From: Adam
  • Feb 25, 2015

First alternative flag I liked instantly, instead of looking at all the other designs and thinking,”meh”.

Good stuff!

Wonderful. Probably the best ‘breakaway’ design yet. However, I prefer the green and gold colours, maybe with the green and gold reversed, and the stars in green.

  • From: Tony
  • Oct 12, 2015

Why is a Shark eating the Southern Cross?

Best of them all it is truly “aussie” and incorporates a link to the our Aboriginal people. Just like the canadians and there maple leaf everyone knows there flag and we need to do the same.
Need to make our sport uniform the same colours looks stupid having green and gold uniforms and red white and blue flag.

I htink to have the one flag in so many colour combinations will be very confusing. We need one flag that represents all Australians so the black and red flag
apart from removing the union jack I see no need to then change the current state flags.

Finally a design that doesn’t cause me to groan with despair! Great work. I’ll just say that I reckon it’d look better in mirror image (the ‘roo facing right instead of left)…and the black, red and yellow version is far superior, for mine. PS: I’m a ten-pound Pom who’s never had much time for the current colonial blue ensign.

I’m a Queenslander and that insipid flag is SO unQueensland like that I am appalled. We are not all about the Maroons you know! I don’t even follow football, never have! We are the Sunshine State, so how about the stars are gold instead of white please? I can tolerate the maroon, but not the white stars and contrast. Maroon and gold would be much nicer. Thank you.

  • From: Bruce
  • Feb 16, 2016

I agree with Tony (way above). Once you see the shark, you cannot unsee the shark…but maybe that’s a good thing? Aussies love our sharks (sort of)! I love this flag.

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