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Maldives always natural

Posted by rod - 02.11.2011

maldives always natural logomaldives adveret always naturalmaldives adveret always naturalmaldives adveret always naturalmaldives adveret always natural

The Maldives departs its self from its childish and naive logo to a more sophisticated and friendly logo design. In addition to redesigning the logo the Maldives also received a new slogan dropping “The Sunny Side of Life” and replacing it with “always natural” The reason for changing the slogan was because the old slogan only appealed to the european tourism market and left out potential investors in the energy and fishing industry. In addition the Chinese market were not that keen on the sun. Worth checking out are these awesome photos of the Maldives archipelago.

The nation branding for the Malidives was created by Thai design agency QUO who won the contract through a pitch woth 70.000€.

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