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Fedra Hindi – Typeface

Posted by rod - 04.10.2011

Fedra Hindi - Typeface designFedra Hindi - Typeface designFedra Hindi - Typeface designFedra Hindi - Typeface design

Last year I featured the Indian type foundry which was set up by Peter Bilak and Satya Rajpurohit.  The foundry’s focus is on Indic typefaces from Devanagari to Bengali. What I forgot to mention was the Fedra Hindi typeface which kick started the ITF. It took 2 years to develop Fedra Hindi and is now available in 5 weights. Fedra Hindi was awarded Bronze medal at the 2009 European Design Awards.

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ye font apne gand me dal lo. bc download link apni maa ki choot me rakha hai…………

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