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A trip begins when you dream it – Italy

Posted by rod - 15.09.2011

A trip begins when you dream it - Russia toscana

A trip begins when you dream it: This is the Toscana, Italy illustration that was illustrated by Mexican Graphic designer Jose Guizar. Also worth checking out is the Russian version.

“A trip starts when you start dreaming about it. Imagine you could win $20,000 dollars to make a trip, any trip, anywhere, with whoever and just the way you want it; by using your MasterCard abroad as much as you can, no matter the amount of your purchases.

I —with the help of my wingman D!— created this two illustrations as the key graphics for a MasterCard campaign proposal. The idea was to illustrate in a playful way the dynamic of purchasing small things that can take you to a dream trip.”

Finished here? Then have a look at these.

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