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Oslo Ceramic Coasters

Posted by rod - 19.08.2011

Oslo Ceramic Coaster designOslo Ceramic Coaster designOslo Ceramic Coaster designOslo Ceramic Coaster design

Set of 6 Ceramic Coasters, produced and available through Shapeways.

This project started with my fascination for city grids, from the strict geometry of New York to the seemingly chaotic Bombay, India layout. At the time, living abroad and a bit homesick, I decided to use the map of my hometown, Oslo, Norway as a starting point for my Oslo Coasters. I picked 6 different areas in Oslo that represents different memories for me and created these products based on the city grid. I decided on the final dimensions and boiled down my selection to 6 areas in Oslo based on what they represent for me: No.1 Majorstuen, No.2 Parkveien, No.3 Sentrum, No.4 Kvadraturen, No.5 Sentrum Øst and No.6 Grünerløkka. The can be used seperatly or together. Designed by Studio Hansen

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