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Kiwi anatomy t-shirt

Posted by rod - 17.08.2011

kiwi anatomy t-shirtkiwi anatomy t-shirtkiwi anatomy t-shirt

This is a great t-shirt for all Kiwi lovers. The concept is similar to the 2009 Yo Sushi advertising campaign which takes a look at the inside of things. I especially love that the bird and the fruit have the same name.

Reading up on the name on Wikipedia is says that in the 1950s the fruit got renamed for export marketing reasons to Melonette but then got renamed again by New Zealand exporters to Kiwifruit. The name “kiwifruit” comes from the kiwi — a brown flightless bird and New Zealand’s national symbol. Kiwi is also a colloquial name for the New Zealand people.

Designed by Will McDonald

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  • From: charles
  • Mar 26, 2015

is this shirt available?

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