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Venezuela tourism logo

Posted by rod - 26.07.2011

venezuela tourism logo

A new logo was unveiled to promote tourism in Venezuela. The new logo features the Famous Angel Falls which you may remember from the Disney animation “UP”. The Venezuelan colours, yellow, blue and red were also incorporated. As to the slogan it says “Venezuela: Conocerla es Tu Destino”, which roughly translates as “Venezuela: It’s Your Destiny to Discover It”.

I wish they would of published a few more elements of the rebrand. How does the logo work negative, together with images etc.

What do you think about the new logo?

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4 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: luigi
  • Jul 26, 2011

Venezuelan designers are skilled enough to design something better than this logo. The feel of this work is already “old” and the execution is very poor. Conceptually, the author is assuming that everybody can recognize the “Salto Angel” but visitors are not necessary aware of local symbols or places from the cultures they are visiting. It is sad to force the presence of the venezuelan flag colors in that way… I guess the old logo was iconic and strong enough, in some way reassuring. This one lack on personality and for sure it’s not representing a Nation soul.

This reminds me of the Zambia tourism logo.

Another missed opportunity to be honest.

All good comments, been a Venezuelan designer myself I couldn’t agree more, specially with the first comment. The problem with this and the rest of the brand and visual identity systems in our country is that as a way to safe money this projects are never commissioned to professionals in the area, instead our different governmental entities hire poorly skilled, amateur and cheap “designers” to develop the project “in-house” and supervised by people with no experience whatsoever in art direction, creative direction, marketing or branding.
Shamefully the result is what we see in this example, a poorly designed, ineffective, amateur attempt of a logo, created in an administrative office and approved by a minister or a secretary with no experience in the area and the worst case not even with a formal education.

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