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YWFT Pello a font with a Mexican twist

Posted by rod - 17.06.2011

YWFT Pello Mexican inspired geometric fontYWFT Pello Mexican inspired geometric font

YWFT Pello is a font influenced by Mexican (Aztec) culture and modern geometric style. At first you might think of the tonalpohualli and want to take a trip to Teotihuacán. Though after a while (and perhaps a quick sacrifice to Quetzalcoatl for good measure) you should begin to see the geometric, modern style that lurks within the angles of this incredible new YouWorkForThem exclusive. YWFT Pello comes in three weights (light, regular and bold and contains 265 glyp designs. Designed by Jackkrit Anantakul

Do you know of any other fonts that are influenced by our countries cultures and history?


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