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Russian Pelmeni packaging

Posted by rod - 24.06.2011

Russian Pelmeni Russian Meat Dumplings packagingRussian Pelmeni Russian Meat Dumplings packagingRussian Pelmeni Russian Meat Dumplings packaging

Russian design agency Clever had the honor to work with Sibirskaya, a brand of Russian Pelmeni (Russian Meat Dumplings). The packaging design’s visual language was built up by folk art and symbols of Siberia.

“The point we think to be important creating a new brand of pelmeni is to avoid cliché. This fact inspired us to build up a unique visual language based on our rethink of folk arts and authentic symbols of Siberia. We created graphics to tell a story of lifestyle of native Russians. The story tends to be close to consumers.

Sibirskaya is A brand that encompasses tradition and modernity. The blue  and the white colors both adds an uncluttered, contemporary feel and send us to Gzhel elements. The decorative ornament was inspired by the rich heritage of the Siberia, taking the values of tradition and excellence a step further.The idea of pure, 100% Russian product with contemporary design.” via thedieline

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