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Map of Italian Wines

Posted by rod - 08.06.2011

Italian Wines Map of Italian WinesItalian Wines1 Map of Italian WinesItalian Wines2 Map of Italian WinesItalian Wines3 Map of Italian WinesItalian Wines4 Map of Italian Wines

French illustrator Antoine Corbineau drew a map of the vine regions of Italy.

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3 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Gina
  • Jun 14, 2011

Is this poster available for purchase somewhere? I’m interested! Thanks!

  • From: rod
  • Jun 14, 2011

Hi Gina
Please get in contact with Antoine he is the creator of the poster (see link in the text above).

  • From: Stef
  • Jul 24, 2011

Very nice! But why is the Oltrepò Pavese wine region south Milan depicted as meadow?

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