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Korean Hangeul Posters

Posted by rod - 20.06.2011

Hangeul PosterHangeul PosterKorean Hangeul PosterKorean Hangeul PosterKorean Hangeul PosterKorean Hangeul Poster

Another great type project by Ki-chul Song who seams to have a real passion for the Korean writing system Hangeul. In a previous post Ki-chul created the animated Hangeul type project which is worth a look at. This time he created a series of typographic posters with the writing system.

Hangeul has a total of 28 letters, which consisted of 11 vowels and 17 consonants. Each letter indicates an individual sound or phoneme. The first printed Hangeul type was in 1447.

What do you think about these posters?

Finished here? Then have a look at these.

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2 Comments (add yours?)

Wow!! My work ^^;

Thank you :)

  • From: rod
  • Oct 19, 2011

Your welcome. Awesome posters you’ve created there.

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