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Japanese matchbox designs

Posted by rod - 27.06.2011

japanese matchbox designsjapanese matchbox designsjapanese matchbox designsjapanese matchbox designsjapanese matchbox designs

Did you know that collecting matchbox labels is called phillumeny? I didn’t until I read this article about Phillumeny and Phillumenists over at printmag.

Japan was among the industry leaders in matchbox graphic design exporting them to the United States, Australia, England, France and even India. The designers where extremely influenced by European styles such as Victorian and Art Nouveau, which were harmoniously merged with traditional Japanese styles and from the Meiji period (1868-1912). These cross culture designes can clearly see on these matchboxes. If you are a matchbox fanatic you should check out these Thai and Indian matchboxes.

Do you collect matchboxes?

Finished here? Then have a look at these.

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  • From: Tandberg
  • Feb 11, 2012

Hello, I´m from Denmark and I am collecting matchboxes/labels and other match-relatid items.
I have been collecting since the mid-60s and have now about 100,000 different from all over the world.
Please take a look at my website.

Hello all,
I am starting a Matchbox collection, but I don’t want labels. I want actual matchboxes with matches.
My favorites are the Japanese and Chinese. How and where can I purchase these?
Yours very truly,
Richard Pickens

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