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Inspired by - Africa

African inspired fashion

Posted by rod - 16.06.2011

African inspired fashion African inspired fashionAfrican inspired fashion1 African inspired fashionAfrican inspired fashion2 African inspired fashionAfrican inspired fashion3 African inspired fashion

Photographer MG. Onania took these amazing fashion images, inspired by the African continent for Fashizblack magazine. Not being a African fashion expert I would like to know more about the fabrics the models are wearing, do they have any meaning etc. Can you help?

Finished here? Then have a look at these.

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Most of the fabrics are Ankara,the native fabric used in West Africa. Recently it has taken the mainstream fashion scene by storm as Burberry are using them in their 2012 collection also Gwen Stefani’s latest L.A.M.B collection uses Ankara

  • From: rod
  • Jun 17, 2011

Thanks Tola for the useful info. Need to check out the Burberry collection :)

The models and clothes are style beautifully. Inspiration, is an understatement :):)

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