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City in a Jar

Posted by rod - 11.05.2011

city in a jar minneapolis buttons graphicscity in a jar minneapolis button graphicscity in a jar new york button graphicscity in a jar new york button graphics

City in a jar is a project by Adam Brackney from Minneapolis, USA. The idea is to take popular places, turn them into simple little icons, which are placed onto pin-back buttons. It’s a great way to represent your city or a part of it, which you are proud of. Currently there are only two cities in the jar Minneapolis and New York. San Francisco is in the making and hopefully other places outside the US too. If you love this project you should head over to kickstarter and support Adam.

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3 Comments (add yours?)

WOW! Thanks so much for the AWSM post about our Kickstarter project! Cities outside of the US are definitely in the works. Thanks again!

  • From: rod
  • May 11, 2011

Hi Adam

You are welcome. The project is really cool, its one of them which I think to myself, shit why didn’t I come up with it. Well done. Please keep me informed about new releases.


  • From: Andri
  • Oct 17, 2015

Hi Rod,

Your graphic design of the cities is cool. Can i use it for may application’s landing page? A simple website.
Thanks before.


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