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A tast of Japan’s Kikkoman

Posted by rod - 06.05.2011

Japanese soy sauce Kikkoman logoJapanese soy sauce Kikkoman packagingJapanese soy sauce Kikkoman Tsunami advertJapanese soy sauce Kikkoman advert

Japanese soya sauce producer Kikkoman has a unique 300-year plus heritage, which originates in the city of Noda. Today Kikkoman is a global brand which so confident in their product that they offer consumers their money back if they don’t like the taste. One of the most recognisable characteristics about Kikkoman is the design of the bottle, which was developed by Japanese industrial designer, Kenji Ekuan who won numerous design awards for it. The dispenser bottle was developed in 1961 and is still in use today. The perfectly-shaped pourer enables the exact dispensing of even small quantities.

In 2008 Kikkoman went to Landor, who proposed a brand concept that would unite tradition and innovation. Above are also two adverts one from the 1950s and the other one which was created in 2008 by Scholz & Friends Sweden

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