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1800® Tequila

Posted by rod - 30.05.2011

1800® Tequila Essential packaging 1800® Tequila1800® Tequila Essential packaging1 1800® Tequila1800® Tequila Essential packaging2 1800® Tequila1800® Tequila Essential packaging3 1800® Tequila1800® Tequila Essential packaging4 1800® Tequila1800® Tequila Essential packaging5 1800® Tequila1800® Tequila Essential packaging6 1800® Tequila

1800® Tequila commissioned a bunch of established and up and coming artist to create a label for the brand that is based on the Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling).

“We’re excited to offer another round of Essential Artists bottles, as we received an overwhelmingly positive response to our first two campaigns,” said Elwyn Gladstone, VP of Marketing for Proximo. “Emerging artists can struggle for years before seeing their work recognized on a national scale, but the creative genius behind the submissions and the incredible demand from consumers has allowed us to expand this program and feature six more artists, on our way to showcasing 1,800 inspired submissions.”
Among those commissioned to design an 1800® collectible bottle are artists who’ve made marks as painters, toy designers, photographers, illustrators and animators; and each has been recognized as both influential and inventive within their genre. Located across the country and abroad, the six artists include Gary Baseman (Los Angeles), Tristan Eaton (New York), Tes One (Tampa), Yuko Shimizu (New York), Ray Smith (London) and Alex Hank (New York). Only 1,800 bottles of each design have been produced and will first be available in high-end liquor stores on May 5, 2011, corresponding with the 1800® launch event. As a celebration of both the artists and of Mexican culture, the launch event will include a wrestling ring—where Mexican wrestlers will duke it out for the tequila drinking crowd—and music from two of Mexico’s most audacious rock bands.”

Which of the 6 would you buy?

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