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Rukotvorine Traditional Crafts

Posted by rod - 04.04.2011

Rukotvorine traditional interior crafts Rukotvorine Traditional CraftsRukotvorine traditional interior crafts1 Rukotvorine Traditional CraftsRukotvorine traditional interior crafts3 Rukotvorine Traditional CraftsRukotvorine traditional interior crafts2 Rukotvorine Traditional Crafts

Countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina are for most people unheard of so I am pleased that the country is finally added to CreativeRoots. Lets hope we will see lots of entries for the country in the future. I came across the family-owned company Rukotvorine (engl. “Handcrafts”) in the April issue of the Monocle magazine and had no choice to share the company with you.

In the 19th century Rukotvorine began to expand on a centuries-old woodcarving technique called Bosnian Konjic style, which originated in the small Bosnian town of Konjic. Today several furniture pieces are under state protection as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national cultural heritage. Rukotvorine products and the woodcarving technique perfected through four generations of carvers were featured in a UNESCO publication on exceptional craftsmanship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now, efforts are underway to include Konjic woodcarving technique on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

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