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Karmøy Gravlaks

Posted by rod - 22.04.2011

norwegian Karmøy Gravlaks packagingnorwegian Karmøy Gravlaks packagingnorwegian Karmøy Gravlaks packaging

Here is a great student project from the Westerdals School of Communication.

“The Challenge: Pick a typical Norwegian product and redesign the packaging for international launch, primarily in France. Pay attention to cultural differences and design the package so that it stands out in the typical french retail environment.

The Solution: We chose to promote the already well known Norwegian salmon. As this is an already popular product in France, we decided to focus on a specific type of prepared salmon called Gravlaks. In addition to a standard package containing the usual sliced pieces, we also designed a longer, narrower package containing smaller slices ready to eat. The project was exhibited in france at Axe Sud, a French school of graphic arts and visual communication.

Karmøy Laks is a well respected producer of premium Norwegian salmon. As told by the company profile at “It cannot be more special and it is not produced anywhere else – right here by the water’s edge, using age-old methods and traditional recipes. Every bite tastes of professional pride. It takes 100 hours to finish the product: filleting, salting, drying, smoking and maturing. The taste tells it all.”



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