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Duduvision – Africa United

Posted by rod - 14.04.2011

Duduvision africa united animationDuduvision africa united animationDuduvision africa united animationDuduvision africa united animation

Making Of ‘Africa United’ Animation : Duduvision from Blink on Vimeo.

Check out the process of creating the animation Duduvision which was created by  the Africa United animators.

This is what they have got to say:
“It was very clear to us from the beginning that to understand the mind of a Rwandan kid, especially one like Dudu, we had to go and hang out with Rwandan kids!

In late January 2010, five of us travelled from freezing cold London to Byumba, in the far north of Rwanda to immerse ourselves as much as possible in the culture, sights and sounds of Rwandan life.

For 4 days, we worked with a group of about 30 children at a centre for child-headed households. We wanted to get a real taste of the kids’ imaginations and see what they thought all the worlds that we wanted to create for Duduvision should look like.

We had a few things that we really wanted to get their opinion on – what the Cacoochie was for example. So it was really good fun getting them to imagine what a monster that lived in a lake might actually look like. Some of the kids had never been to a lake before so some of the best images we got were really unexpected! We ended up leaving Byumba with hundreds of amazing, colourful images.

The thing that really grabbed us whilst we were in Rwanda was the way that everyone recycles and recycles. From things in their homes to things in the street, there’s nothing that isn’t used and re-used. We realised that this was the perfect way to portray Duduvision – it is exactly what Dudu does, from condom footballs to recycling phrases and sayings from the TV.

We spent the next week or so trawling through markets and taking photos of anything and everything we came across that everything in Duduvision was made from things that Dudu would recognise and associate with. It made perfect sense that the worlds we created recycled things from Rwanda- It just wouldn’t be right heading off to the shops and building worlds out of pre-existing models.

When we came back to the UK we set about physically building the worlds for Duduvision- Trying to keep that sense of inventive recycling that we’d fallen for in Rwanda.” via africandigitalart

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