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Peru tourism branding

Posted by rod - 11.03.2011

peru tourism country brandingperu tourism country brandingperu tourism country brandingperu tourism country brandingperu tourism country brandingperu tourism country brandingperu tourism country branding

Yesterday Peru officially launched a new country brand, led by the Peru’s tourism ministry, leaving its old identity “Peru – Land of the Incas“. FutureBrand developed the new identity which was influence by Peru’s archaeological sites such as Caral and Moray or the monkey by Nazca. FutureBrand also developed the Australian tourism identity. Tourism minister Eduardo Ferreyros Kuppers also hopes that the logo is to be used on labels and tags on Peru’s export goods. The identity also received its own custom font called Bree Peru which was created by type foundry typetogether. via livinginperu

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7 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: PERUVIAN
  • Mar 12, 2011

i really dont like this brand, could be minimalist but the final shape is very simple, Peru is a complex and megadiverse country, we are not denmak or norway to choose a pour line and a color.

  • From: Tourist
  • Mar 12, 2011

Being a European but visiting the country as a tourist in 2008, I instantly recognised the symbolism in relation to the Nasca lines. You also have to appreciate the possible requirements of the logo, it is instantly recognisable, is scalable, sewable and more often than not in the case of a logo simple is always best. That doesn’t mean advertisements and products have to be simple, the logo needs to be unique, related and instantly recognisable.

  • From: Another peruvian
  • Mar 12, 2011

Bravo! Brilliant execution!!! I’m Peruvian designer without an inferiority complex;)

  • From: Canadian
  • Mar 12, 2011

Makes me want to visit… Nice logo.

  • From: soum
  • Mar 13, 2011

i agree with the first comment….i have no idea what the hell i am looking at….looks extremely mediocre and makes me think someone tried to be clever using abstract forms…in fact building logos from an element is completely outdated…..and atleast is considered to be a first draft when a freshman tries to come up with a home work idea on his second day of class….but well…i have issues with commercial images….

  • From: Jd
  • Mar 16, 2011


  • From: Peru
  • Apr 06, 2011

Peru is wonderful, it’s a great country, all tourists should visit Machu Picchu, Chan Chan, Lake Titicaca, the Lord of Sipan, the amazing rainforest, the Andes and thousands of sites.

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