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Inspired by - Kenya

Turkana tribe Kenya

Posted by rod - 06.01.2011

Photographer Eric Lafforgue took some amazing images of the Turkana people in Kenya in 2009. The Turkana are a Nilotic people of Kenya, numbering about 340,000. They inhabit the Turkana District in northwest Kenya, a dry and hot region bordering Lake Turkana in the east. I have posted about Eric before check out some of this North Korean, Ethiopian and Vanuatu images.

Finished here? Then have a look at these.

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EXQUISITE photography and informative post – thank you for sharing a piece of my world!

  • From: rod
  • Jan 06, 2011

Your welcome Mandy. This images are truly inspiring.

Totally inspiring! Heading out to South Africa in two days time for 3 weeks and will use these as my blue print ;)

  • From: rod
  • Jan 13, 2011

Enjoy your trip Mandy :)

Would you sell your pictures please? I would like to print them. Please let me know. Thank you

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