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Japanese Food Type

Posted by rod - 28.01.2011

Now this is cool. Japanese Designer Masaaki Hiromura merged Japanese typography (Kanji) with signs or food symbols. Combining these two elements makes it easier to understand Japanese characters. But it is also entirely readable by Japanese/Chinese speakers. If you love this post you may want to see a similar approach designed by Johnson Banks, Learn Chinese with Mandagrams. via jeanniejeannie

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4 Comments (add yours?)

Yes, this is pretty cool idea! Nice!

  • From: Suki
  • Feb 01, 2011

this is chinese character called HANZI/HAN CHARACTER, REALLY COOL!

  • From: Grace
  • Feb 10, 2011

Ah, I would have loved walking through a hallway with food symbols :)

Lovely example for the book!

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