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France vs Brazil ad

Posted by rod - 12.01.2011

On February the 11th France is going to play football against Brazil. To promote this soccer match DDB, Paris created this awesome ad. (the battle of the feathers). As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of the Brazil against Argentina football identity, check that one out. Via adsoftheworld

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5 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Ale
  • Jun 17, 2011

They could have used a Brazlian bird against the chicken instead. or a French Maid against the Dancer.. (just a thought)

  • From: rod
  • Jun 17, 2011

Good point Ale. I wonder if they looked into them directions too.

  • From: Bruno
  • Oct 27, 2011

i’m brazilian and i agree… I don’t know why they always use Carnaval and “Naked Women” or beach… ¬¬’
it’s not like that…..
could be a Brazilian bird “ARARA”.

  • From: Kim Senders
  • Nov 28, 2012

I agree with Bruno, should have been an arrara!!

I really like all of the different colors that are presented in this ad. Although the images themselves are very interesting. The overall picture is really well created in my opinion. I like the different colored feathers that are flying all over the background. I also like how the woman in the ad and the chicken look like they are about to fight, or that the chicken is going to attack. I definitely think that there is a lot going on in this image, but I really think that the bright bold colors is what makes it pop or stand out. Another thing that I like about the image and I think it was definitely done on purpose for this ad is that they represented all of the colors of both the flag of Brazil and the flag of France. I think that if I were the one to create an ad for this particular event I would have chosen different subjects. Maybe I would have chose a better representation of what the event is actually going to be for, which is football. I just think that these images were an interesting choice for this. But again as I have mentioned, the colors are what bring it to life in my opinion, which is my favorite part of this ad.

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