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Inspired by - Guinea

The Rhythm project – Guinea

Posted by rod - 02.12.2010

Foli “Rhythm” There is no movement without rhythm, thats the message of “The Rhythm project” and “A Moving Company”. Filmed in Baro, Guinea, this 10minute film is worth a watch. via fyeahafrica

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3 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Kayode
  • Dec 07, 2010

This is simply beautiful! Love the way the audio blends, editing at its finest.

  • From: rod
  • Dec 07, 2010

I agree Kayode. Reminds me also at Stomp.

  • From: Audrey
  • Sep 25, 2013

That is just terrific ! It gives me goose bumps ! I am from Guinea and it’s like I was there for 10 minutes and I even smelled Guinea !

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