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Magical Kenya – tourism identity

Posted by rod - 15.12.2010

The Kenyan tourism identity is one of the strongest tourism identities in Africa. Braking down the logo, it consists of the Kenyan colours and the arch in the middle represents a necklace from the Masai people which are one of Kenya‘s most famous tribal groups.
Having visited Kenya myself I really like that they are using the word “Jambo!” in their advertising, everyone says it especially excessively towards tourists. Jambo was was one of the first words which I learnt in Swahili and it means Hello.

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2 Comments (add yours?)
  • From: Sami
  • Sep 08, 2011

can i actually buy this photos to print them on a billboard? I am a travel agent in kenya looking to sent people to kenya.

  • From: rod
  • Sep 08, 2011

I guess you can get them for free from the Kenyan tourism authorities. I would try to get in touch with some of them. Good luck.

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