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How to Wrap Five More Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging

Posted by rod - 16.12.2010

How to wrap 5 more eggs should be in everyone’s book shelf who is interested in traditional Japanese packaging. Flicking through the book: pictures of packaging and a brief comment which explains what the packaging is for and when it was made. Hideyuki Oka is behind this impressive collected that varies from woven straw egg carriers to ceremonial gift boxes. If you love this book you will defiantly love these traditional Japanese packaging designs.

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3 Comments (add yours?)

this book would be awesome, if I ever need to wrap eggs, something I highly doubt

  • From: rod
  • Dec 17, 2010

Who knows maybe one day this book could save your eggs?

  • From: liz
  • Jan 24, 2011

Such a fascinating way to pack items. These days what we have :D a bunch of plastic and we think that we have evolved somewhere.

Then it was at least biodegradable, now even biodegradable is poison to the land.

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