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Golan Brewery – Israel

Posted by rod - 02.12.2010

“Branding and design for the Golan Brewery. The Golan Brewery was launched as a joint venture by the Ohayon family and the Golan Heights Winery. Located in Katzrin, the brewery produces beer of an international caliber. In our search for a design concept, we engaged in a dialogue between the local and the sophisticated, the masculine and the liberated, and the rugged and the cultured.” Designed by Israeli design agency Blend It via thedieline

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Short, sweet, to the point, FRaEcexE-tly as information should be!

oleh itu tbuhkn pasukan bntuan sukerala.. mcm kt tmpt sy..pki proton arena n ada stu tu pki jeep je..klu tmpt cmni blh pki kenderaan cmni..mgkn blh dipertimbangknÂÂ

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