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Air China identity

Posted by rod - 20.12.2010

Here is a little insight into the Air China identity and it’s mark. “The enterprise logo of Air China is an artistic Phoenix pattern, the Chinese version of “Air China Limited” written by Mr. Deng Xiaoping and its English translation”AIR CHINA”. The Phoenix is a divine bird in the ancient Chinese legend as well as the lucky bird adored by Chinese people since ancient times. According to records from “Shan Hai Jing”, the phoenix came from an oriental country called Junzi; she flies across the great Kunlun Mountain and over all the oceans; wherever she flies, she brings auspiciousness and peace. The logo of Air China is the phoenix and it also is the artistic transfiguration of the word “VIP”. The color is the traditional Chinese red which implies auspiciousness, completion, peace and happiness, and expresses Air China’s sincere passion to serve the society and endless pursue of the safety enterprise. Air China’s corporate culture emphasizes service and transcends its values in the new era. The desire and orientation of Air China is an air company with an international reputation, the connotation of which is to realize four strategic targets of achieving leading competitiveness in the world, continuously developing and steadily increasing profits and providing excellent and unique travel experiences for passengers. Its enterprise spirit emphasizes “serve the world with a warm heart and guide the future by innovation”. Its enterprise mission is to “meet the requirements of customers and create mutual values”. Its enterprise sense of worth is to “make a high level of service and get the universal approval of the public”. Its service notion is “reassurance, satisfaction, easiness, and sensation”. The enterprise culture of Air China has expressed its notion of spreading love all over the world and pursuing excellent service quality.”

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