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Icelandic heritage pattern

Posted by rod - 09.09.2010

Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason is in his 1st semester at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. He converted a 16th century tablecloth into a simplified vector pattern that was applied onto a tea set.

“This is one of my 1st semester projects, a course called Heritage, where students are sent to a museum to discover our heritage of pattern design. In my case, I went to the national museum of Iceland with a camera in hand and stumbled upon this table cloth from 16th century. Snap! Trace and place it on a tea set.”

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This is a really interesting one, for me. I enjoy seeing the process of finding this pattern on this historical textile and updating it and transforming it to contemporary objects. It helps that it’s a lovely pattern, too. Thanks for this post!

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