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Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Posted by rod - 17.09.2010

The Hill of Crosses or also know as Kryžių kalnas if you can pronounce it, is one of Lithuania‘s most visited places for tourists and pilgrims alike. Situated 12km north of the city of Å iauliai, in northern Lithuania. What started out as a  simple act of faith in the 19th century has grown into a giant hill and into one of Lithuania‘s unique cross crafting which is now recognised by the Unesco.

“The traditional crafting of wooden crosses reflects local village cultural identities, beliefs and ceremonies. It probably originated in the 15th century, after the Christianization of Lithuania. Cross crafting is a popular and traditional expression of historic, artistic, sociological and ethnological value. With pillar structures 1.20 to 2 meters in height, each cross is typically carved with floral and geometric motifs, and adorned with statues of Christ or Saints.”

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